The growth of construction services has always been a necessity for community, therefore, development should be sustainable and must have competent engineers to realize it. The civil engineering program is an opportunity to study construction and infrastructure. This program nurtures competent students to design, implement, and build various construction and infrastructure. The civil engineering program collaborates with industry both at home and abroad so it can improve the quality of learning.

Testimonials from

Civil Engineering Alumni

UIB is one of the best campuses in Batam. The learning process that I got while studying Civil Engineering at UIB provided valuable knowledge and experience that I got after getting to know the world of Construction. The learning system and Practical Laboratory equipped with the best lecturers and adequate facilities make the teaching and learning process more favorable. Hopefully the UIB Civil Engineering Department will continue to produce capable generations who are able to compete in the construction world in the future.

Muhammad Fadhil Karuniansyah, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2019

Studying at Universitas Internasional Batam is one of the opportunities for me to gain theoretical and practical knowledge to be implemented in the world of work. During the lecture period, I really felt how the campus encouraged students to be active and excel in the fields of education, research, and service. I would like to thank and hope Universitas Internasional Batam continually succeess, especially the Civil Engineering Department.

Jonathan Miguel Barahama, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2018

During my 4 years at UIB, apart from gaining knowledge, I also learned ethics and social traits that can be emulated from friends and lecturers. Thank you UIB for providing a team of lecturers who have the potential in each field and quite complete lab facilities. Hopefully UIB will continue to produce high quality graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work.

Priscillia Fu, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2017

The lecture process at UIB is very pleasant. Facilities to support learning are also complete, ranging from adequate laboratory space, and comfortable classes. The best lecturers in each field and an environment supports us to continue to grow. Hopefully UIB can continue to improve and maintain its quality in order to create graduates who are superior and ready to enter the world of work. Thank you UIB!

Ryan Swardana, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2016

Thank you to Universitas Internasional Batam for providing facilities and infrastructure to support our learning and a big thank you to the lecturers of the civil engineering undergraduate program for their invaluable services that have educated, guided and directed us so that we are able to behave and compete wherever we stand. May UIB always be victorious and for the unsung heroes always in His Protection.

Dina Karlina, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2015

UIB is one of the places of learning that supports students in various activities both on and off campus. Learning facilities are quite complete and easy to use. Labs are comfortable to use and teaching lecturers are competent in their respective fields..

Yan Heri Fikri, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2015

UIB is a campus that gives me comfort in learning. The knowledge I get is also diverse while in the civil engineering program. Thank you for UIB and the Civil Engineering Department that I am proud of. The spirit to become a superior and quality department.

Wahyu Anggara, S.T.

Alumni Teknik Sipil Angkatan 2013